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Real Estate field is one of our key strengths at CTH Solutions as we have worked on a variety of projects for medical organizations of all sizes in the past. Having developed specific applications for virtually all stages of patient treatment, our team has the required expertise.

When it comes to healthcare software development, we know that one size does fit all. Therefore, we spend time getting to know your healthcare organization and services as well as your project. By doing so, we can create a unique software solution based on a deep understanding of your health systems people and processes. If you want to improve workflow and become more efficient, software innovation is essential..

Real Estate Development Solutions

1. Planning

After developing a clear understanding of the image, you have in mind, we work hard dedicatedly to plan a flawless and seamless structure at every step.

2. Design & Development

All our platforms are not just a visual delight but also stand out with their excellent communication, set of information, technology use, etc.

3. Customizations

We develop tailor-made solutions for our clients that match their specific needs and requirements and consist of all the necessary functionalities.

4. Security

Data security has become the utmost for any digital platform in today's time and age. Our team works hard to ensure a high level of security and maintain data protection.

5. Cost-effective

We provide our users with multiple options and packages and enable them to opt for an option that meets their requirements within the most cost-effective means.

6. Support & Maintenance

An essential part of ensuring the smooth functioning of any portal, we provide our customers with 24*7 support and maintenance services.

Get your software developed from experienced
Real Estate Software Developers

Our talented pool of real estate software solution developers
can use specialised multi-purpose technologies to revamp your existing real estate software

Get Your Software Developed From Experienced Real Estate Software Developers

MLS Software Development

Agents and brokers can use our multiple listing service (MLS) platforms for managing up-to-date information on investments, property sales, price fluctuations, etc.

Real estate transaction software

The real estate transaction software developed by our real estate software development team can serve as a centralised hub for storing documents, managing transactions and collaborating with clients.

Accounting software for the real estate industry

Our real estate accounting software can be used by real estate professionals for managing transactions, automatically calculating commissions, evaluating business performance, etc. .

Comprehensive real estate software development

We have experience in offering tailor-made real estate software and applications that can
comprehensively address all needs of real estate industry professionals.

Comprehensive Real Estate Software Development
Developing Apps for the Real Estate Industry

Developing apps for
the real estate industry

One of our best offerings under real estate software solutions is a gamut of perceptive mobile and web applications. The applications are designed to streamline workflows, offer easy access to market information and automate routine tasks.

Real Estate Applications

Real estate

Our intuitive group of cross-platform and native applications are designed to help tenants, real estate agents, and property managers.

Legacy System Migration

Legacy system

We migrate data from disparate sources and revamp your existing real estate apps. Our real estate software developers can improve the performance, enhance scalability and accessibility of your existing applications

Mls Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Our MLS mobile applications instantly alert buyers and agents about new listings, price falls and driving directions.

Questions About Service

Healthcare Web Development is the development of any web applications specific to healthcare service or organization.

One of the greatest uses for web applications in healthcare is for easier access to patient records. There is also great benefit to the networking that is done within healthcare professionals, allowing a smoother process for patients to find an appropriate healthcare professional, faster.

We use Objective C and Swift programming language to develop native apps. Our favorite language for app development is Swift because of its faster development quality. For cross-platform app development, we use React Native and Flutter for apps.