Healthcare field is one of our key strengths at CTH Solutions as we have worked on a variety of projects for medical organizations of all sizes in the past. Having developed specific applications for virtually all stages of patient treatment, our team has the required expertise.

When it comes to healthcare software development, we know that one size does fit all. Therefore, we spend time getting to know your healthcare organization and services as well as your project. By doing so, we can create a unique software solution based on a deep understanding of your health systems people and processes. If you want to improve workflow and become more efficient, software innovation is essential.

Web Applications for Healthcare

The implementation of electronic medical records is still underway, with varying levels of compliance among providers across the US. But the amount of functionality that’s already available online is impressive. For many organizations, it’s time to take a step beyond simply having patients’ files in electronic format. There are a wide range of web development initiatives that can improve healthcare including:

  • Web RTC (Real Time Communication) for peer-to-peer consultations and telemedicine
  • Online resources such as patient education with multi-media/interactive libraries
  • Web-based healthcare staff training modules to improve safety and compliance
  • Integrated HCIS for a comprehensive and consolidated IT infrastructure
  • Insurance/billing management and general administration for multi-facility organizations
  • Mobile-friendly web apps for home health agencies and other organizations with remote employees
  • Health apps to assist patients with daily reminders for self-care and disease management
  • Data capture and analysis (from individual patient surveys and health screenings to large-scale trials)
  • Business intelligence reporting and dashboards for operational improvement and error reduction
Web Applications Help Medicine Get Better Now

From a technology perspective, browser-based healthcare apps offer greater accessibility for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices users. From a clinical perspective, this web-based technology supports:

  • Timely decisions based on up-to-date information
  • Stronger collaboration among providers
  • More engaged and empowered patients
  • Better communication between patients and providers

At the same time, healthcare web development requires careful attention to regulatory requirements. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance must be taken into account in terms of technical, physical, network, and process security. The solution also needs to be designed to evolve with changes in technology, regulations, and the healthcare landscape over time.

There are also practical matters to consider that impact how useful an application will be. For apps that will be used in time-critical situations, high availability and reliability are essential. A user-friendly interface must also be created to speed adoption and ensure meaningful use by patients and providers.

CTH Solutions Brings Transformative to Healthcare

Our expertise is in digging deep to understand what healthcare clients and their patients need. We are committed to ensuring compliance and building in flexibility to expand and transform custom medical software in the future. With our collaborative approach, we ease the development process and ensure what is built is what best serves the goals of our clients.

The healthcare technology imperative

CTH Solutions commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate hospital readiness and adoption paths for next-gen technology solutions, including cloud, data and AI.

Blockchain in healthcare

Healthcare providers and payers look to blockchain for better trial data management. Blockchain technology also ensures medical records and electronic health records (EHRs) maintain personal privacy and regulatory compliance.

Explore IBM Blockchain in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are employing new digital technologies to create value in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare App

Objective & Challenges

  • To develop mobile application to store & show health reports
  • Management of Health Records
  • Data storage
  • Continuous monitoring of data
  • Integration of custom SDK for devices such as watches
  • Push notifications services integration
  • Reporting & Analytics of environment

Solution Delivered

  • Azure API for FHIR used to maintain HIPAA regulatory requirements & ease of connectivity
  • Real time data pushed from a variety of different devices
  • Push notifications managed through Azure Event Hub with effective storage management
  • ADLS Geb2 used for Reporting & Analytics with elastic, scalable environment
  • Azure hosting to maintain optimum data security
  • Predictive algorithms used with data to discover potential unknown health conditions

Healthcare Development Solutions

1. EMR/EHR Software Development

Using a strong architecture, evidence-based tools, secure database systems, and easy-to-use tools, we can build comprehensive EHR and EMR portals.

2.Health Information Exchange Systems

Health information exchange (HIE) applications at CTH Solutions are feature-rich, high-quality, HIPAA-compliant, and designed with privacy in mind.

3.Healthcare Mobile App Development

Using mobile apps, practitioners and patients can automate their routines, coordinate tasks, manage lab results, and manage prescriptions.

4. Custom Telemedicine Solutions

Make your service more patient-centered with the use of telemedicine and remote access, as well as cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality.

5.Staff Agumentation

Pharmacy Management With our platform, you can track inventory, manage dispensing workflow, fill prescriptions, sell retail, and analyze big data.

  • 6. Healthcare Imaging App
  • Clinical imaging, clips, and reports are key to any successful provider in the health-related industries, and we can help you manage them better.

    Questions About Service

    Healthcare Web Development is the development of any web applications specific to healthcare service or organization.

    One of the greatest uses for web applications in healthcare is for easier access to patient records. There is also great benefit to the networking that is done within healthcare professionals, allowing a smoother process for patients to find an appropriate healthcare professional, faster.

    We use Objective C and Swift programming language to develop native apps. Our favorite language for app development is Swift because of its faster development quality. For cross-platform app development, we use React Native and Flutter for apps.